Tips for Green Travelers

At Sawridge Inns and Conference Centres, we're not just concerned about reducing your Carbon Footprint while you stay with us. There are things you can do before you leave home that will reduce household costs AND your impact on the environment.

Before you walk out the door:

  • Turn your water heater to "vacation" or lowest setting
  • Turn off AC / heat or adjust the thermostat to protect plants, etc.
  • Turn water off at outside connection to prevent flooding should a pipe break while you're gone
  • Appliances, such as TVs and cable converter boxes, should be unplugged because they can draw or "leak" as much as 40 watts per hour even when they're off.
  • Turn your icemaker to the "off" position by lifting the wire. This can prevent flooding should it break while you're away

While you are with us:

  • Participate in hotel linen programs, or let the hotel know that it's not necessary to change your sheets and towels every day
  • Reduce the amount of water you use for bathing or showering
  • When you leave your hotel room turn off the AC / heat, lights, TV and radio and close the drapes
  • Participate in hotel recycling programs by placing recyclables in appropriate bins
  • Leave little bottles of amenities in the guestroom if unopened
  • Keep bar soap wrappers and take used bars of soap home
  • Rather than leaving bathroom lights (and fans) on all night, pack an energy efficient night light for hotel stays
  • If the hotel provides complimentary newspapers, pass yours on to someone else, or leave it in the lobby for another reader. Ask the hotel to see that it's recycled
  • Check out with the hotel's electronic billing program available for viewing on TV in some hotels. You can view your bill, approve it, and help reduce paperwork